Inspiration Is All Around Us – 5 Money Lessons From The Humble Turtle

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We can get so many answers by just looking at the nature. We can feel the calmness as well as wrath of the sea just by looking at the waves hitting the shore; experience deepness looking at the blue sky; or feel hope seeing birds fly high. 

Nature has the ability to provide solutions to our deepest problems and serves as a reminder to balance our lives. 

In the fast paced world that we find ourselves today – the humble Turtle serves a strong reminder of the path we need to follow. The reason I named by site after this ancestor of ours is due to the inspiration it provides. 

There are many life & money lessons we can seek from it. 

When it comes to the modern lifestyle – I feel we are always running. Most times, it seems like we are in a high speed chase going from one checkpoint to another. 

Unfortunately, for a lot of people the finish line comes when they experience a burnout. 

Some are lucky, see the warning signs and mend their ways and others end up with serious illness, breakdown or even death. 

Universe has the solution 

I feel in these situations, the way of the Turtle provides the direction we need. I have always believed that creating wealth is a marathon not a sprint. 

If you are not born into money, it takes a good part of a couple of decades to make meaningful wealth as well as learn how to protect and nurture it. 

We don’t need to go 100 miles an hour to achieve this…. 

You know, Turtle is one of the oldest living species on earth. Some fossils are dated more than 100 million years old. This signifies longevity, persistence and endurance.

The old adage “Slow and Steady” wins the race definitely holds true – The turtle has outlived many other species including the dinosaur. 

Not only does he paces himself surely and steadily – it is also insistent in maintaining its existence on earth. 

To me it serves as an ideal mentor in living a long, balanced and purposeful life. It also provides valuable money lessons I will share with you below. 


“The secret of success is constancy of purpose” 

– Benjamin Disraeli

Money Lessons from the Turtle

#1. Persistence and determination: The first money lesson is that being the best or the fastest does not always equate to winning. Nothing is more powerful than being consistently persistent towards your goal

All great entrepreneurs of our time (and before) have persisted for years before hitting it big. The founders of Microsoft, Google, Mcdonalds, Tesla have all gone through multiple failures and roadblocks before hitting it big. 

Consistent steady effort trumps sheer speed almost every time

Thats how you become rich. Thats how you win at anything. Persistence.

When it comes to your money – don’t fall for the get rich quick schemes. You are certain to fall on your face every single time. Instead, follow the trusted way. 

Work hard to increase your income – create side hustles, invest in your education, grow passive income. Save as much as you can by avoiding waste and being sensible. Finally educate yourself and make good investment decisions. Invest in assets that will grow over time and provide your family the income even after you stop working. 

This is the only way to create wealth – It is slow steady process and requires immense discipline – But it works. 

 #2. Longevity: Turtle signifies good health and long life. It has after-all survived for millions of years. When it comes to your money, it’s not only about creating it but also preserving it. 

As you build your riches – you also need to acquire the skills to ensure your original capital does not diminish. 

Who hasn’t heard of celebrities or lottery winners burn all their money and declare bankruptcy ? Why ? 

Because although they got rich very quickly – no one taught them this very important money lesson – How to preserve and keep your money… 

One thing about wealthy people is that they ensure their next generation is wealthy as well. Sure, we all need to do charity and help the less fortunate but we also need to set up our next generation for the future. 

Real wealth grows even in retirement. 

Another thing about longevity is that due to the sheer power of compounding the longer you live – the larger your wealth grows. 

Ensure your financial longevity by consistently up-skilling yourself, finding the right mentors, always looking for new ways to make money, limiting waste, and being modest when it comes to spending. 

In the effort to grow wealth – sometimes higher risk investments need to be made. But once the accumulation phase is over don’t double your bets. Investment style should be driven by what life stage you are at. Then it’s not the time to play double or nothing. 

#3. Survival, Adaptability and Endurance:  Adult turtles are good at protective themselves and are very adaptive. They live all over the world in almost any climate. 

Becoming rich requires the ability to survive and adapt…. 

Making money depends on a number of external factors – recessions, wars, stock market and real estate markets, losing our job and so on… 

People who are going to say ahead are the ones who can navigate these risks and stick to their end-goal in sight. 

Such people don’t get distracted, don’t blame someone else for their woes, and neither do they worry about things which are outside their circle of influence. 

Rather they focus on their own behaviour by adapting to change and finding solutions.

#4.  Take Risks: Another gem on the list of money lessons from the Turtle is the ability to take risks. Every time they move forward they have to stick their neck out and leave the safe confines of their comfort zone -their hard shell which gives them protection. 

That is no different to how humans achieve success. 

The ones that go the farthest are the ones who had the courage to step outside their comfort zone and take risks. 

Think of your biggest achievements and were you able to get there without taking any risks… If you keep doing ordinary – you keep ordinary results. Yes its safe – but are you realising your own true potential by deciding to not take any risks. It could be anything – changing jobs for a better pay, starting your own business, buying that first home, or putting money in the stock market. 

Is it the fear holding you back ? Whenever I am scared of making a choice – i just focus on what I will be missing out on … Yes, I do worry about “what if i fail” .. but the rewards of taking the risk and succeeding usually outweighs the fear. 

Onto our final money lesson…. 

 #5. Stealth: When our favourite animal sees a predator, it attempts to hide among the rocks with its hard shell helping it to assimilate with the surroundings. Turtle has a few predators but it usually manages to remain stealthy. 

Surviving as a rich person is almost as hard as becoming rich if not harder. 

Once everyone finds out that you are wealthy – they come after you. First is the government with high taxes, medicare levy surcharge, reduction in benefits etc. If its not the government – its the army of advisors, scammers and citizens who all want a piece of you. 

Especially in a downturn – the rich are easy targets for everyone. 

It takes a good degree of stealth to hide your true wealth. You will notice that most wealthy people live very normal. You usually cannot tell them apart from a normal person – unless of course you visit their home. This seems to be the favourite place for most people to display their wealth. 

Being wealthy has many benefits – you form real and truer relationships not based on money, you are less likely to get ripped off or scammed and people don’t always expect you to pay. 

Stay stealthy by never revealing your full income, stay humble, drive less expensive cars in public settings, set up trusts for your children, spread your assets around and not giving your home address to everyone. 

So these are my top 5 money lessons. As you can see I am really inspired by the humble Turtle. So much so – that I have named this website after it. 

What inspires you ? Share in the comments below… 

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